John asked people who he has worked with over the years to describe him.
    Here is a combination of the top five responses that were repeated the most:

    "An entrepreneurial spirited, coffee loving, multi-media fanatic
    who loves to tell stories and believes 'impossible' is just a word."

    A Beatles enthusiast was number six.

    By the age of 23, John published two books, was on America’s Got Talent, and consulted a national Toyota commercial.


    Featured on NBC, ESPN, WEEI, the NFL Network, and the Associated Press, John currently travels and presents keynotes on creativity & intrinsic motivation for leadership conferences. In addition for his stage and close up magic, you may recognize John’s name from the news where he captured national headlines when Tom Brady talked about him during his press conference.


    Most well known for being the Team Magician for the New England Patriots and the Opening Act for the Malcolm Mitchell Tour, many people "credit" John as one of the reasons for their legendary victory during Super Bowl 51 (the SAME year they hired a Team Magician, the Patriots pulled off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history - we'll let you draw the conclusion)


    John's newest projects include working as a Producer on two television shows and an Associate Producer for an upcoming movie.


    • Team Magician & Host of "Magic Moments" web series with different players of the New England Patriots (5x Super Bowl Champions)
    • Opening Act for the Malcolm Mitchell Tour
    • Featured on America's Got Talent and Toyota Commercial


    • Wrote & Published his own books on creativity & perception: "The Perfect Illusion: Life" & "The Magic Behind Success"
    • Former Bryant University's Class of 2016 Blogger


    • With over five years of research, his keynote delves into the creativity and communication techniques employed by entertainers and how they can be applicable for your personal and professional success
    • Entertaining and educational presentation with magic and audience participation
    • Performs at leadership conferences, entrepreneurship events, and creativity workshops

  • John's ultimate goal is to prove that
    'impossible' is just a word.


    Depending on your vision and event needs, he can provide 1 out of 3 packages. Please note he is not restricted to the event examples below:


    (1) Performing stage magic at events such as house & dinner parties, fundraisers, and banquets


    (2) Performing close up table-to-table magic at events such as cocktail hours, corporate gatherings, and networking venues


    (3) Presenting interactive keynotes on how the concept of magic can help enhance creativity, communication, and motivation in your personal & professional life. This keynote presentation is based off his five years of primary & secondary research as he traveled throughout the United States. Events range from leadership conferences, creativity workshops, and entrepreneurship events


    (John customizes each show & presentation to fit your event's vision, time constraints, budget, and audience demographics. The recommended ages are 18 and older)

    Professional Headshots by DJ Meads

  • What Makes Him Different?

    His Style:

    • John erases the stereotypical "magician" look and creates a more modern and laid-back atmosphere
    • Rather than using bunnies, top hats, streamers, and large, unfamiliar props, he believes magic should be about performing extraordinary feats with ordinary objects. This is why he uses simple, organic, and borrowed props such as playing cards, dollar bills, red solo cups, cell phones, footballs, and magazines in his shows (fun fact: he can actually fit his entire act in a backpack)
    • People say that John’s demeanor is so down-to-earth and friendly that you feel like you’ve known him for five years, even though it’s only been five minutes


    His Philosophy:

    • Many magicians think their goal is to fool the audience - John doesn’t share that same philosophy
    • After writing and publishing two books, The Perfect Illusion: Life & The Magic Behind Success, he realized that the goal of a magician is to NOT fool their audience -- the real goal of a magician is to make sure people are having fun and creating a memorable experience
    • As the "Team Magician" for the Patriots and performing for Super Bowl Champions, he knows how to break down boundaries and create a true connection with his audience members (he even shares some funny stories during his show about the players)

    His Message:

    • John’s ultimate goal is to use magic as a tool to prove that “impossible” is just a word. He wants his audience members to take that mindset and apply it to their everyday life. That’s why throughout his show he focuses on the lives of the audience members, such as incorporating things on their bucket lists into his act 
    • The real job of an entertainer is bringing people together that probably would never communicate otherwise to share an experience. John believes watching people come together and be amazed at the same time is more amazing than what caused them to be amazed in the first place.
    • John advocates that “magic” happens everyday - anything in life that seemed “impossible” at first and then became possible is “real” magic to him. Think of Super Bowl 51 as an example. As the official "Team Magician", did John have anything to do with that? We'll let you decide
  • Press & Featured Media




    Boston Hospital

    Boston Globe

    NFL Network

    Associated Press

    Patriot Ledger

    Bryant University

    Wicked Local

    John's Impact


    WATD Radio

    AMP 103.3

    Hot 106.3 Providence

    Mix 104.1

    Mr Bryant University

  • Testimonials

  • John's Book:
    The Perfect Illusion: Life.

    Welcome to the mind of a magician—an honest liar—who can prove you shouldn't believe everything you perceive.

    We wake up in the morning and look out the window seeing the world as it is. But the beauty about illusions is they prove our perceptions aren't always true. Therefore, how do we know if something is real or not? If we all perceive things differently, then what is the truth? Are we living with the truth? Or are we living with illusions that we think are the truth? How do we know?

    This book contains not only the secrets of magic, but the tale of a human spirit and the psychological struggle between emotion and imagination. A philosophical outlook at what separates those who perceive the world as it appears, and those who imagine their own reality. Welcome to the greatest illusion ever created, the act more commonly referred to as “Life.”

    Let the show begin.


    If you are interested in John's book, please email John and he will be in touch!


  • John's Keynote:
    The Magic Behind Success

    John's keynote demonstrates the connection between the art of magic and the world of business.
    More specifically, it explores the overlap between the innovation and communication techniques entertainers use when creating new ideas, developing a routine, performing, and a parallel comparison on what it takes to run a successful business. It analyzes the entrepreneurial magicians and their creative process behind developing new routines, while also examining the verbal and non-verbal communication techniques they use to connect with their audience members when performing.
    In the end, the audience will learn that even though sleight of hand is an important factor in becoming a magician, creative thinking and effective communication strategies are more important in order to have the greatest impact on your audience and have a successful show – or in an entrepreneur’s case, a successful business.
    If you are interested in John presenting his keynote at your event, please email him and he will be in touch to discuss further details

  • Headshots

    If you are considering John for a role in a television series, movie, commercial, or as an On-Air Talent, please forward the below head shots to the casting director. You may click on the photos to view a larger version.

    (All shots were taken by DJ Meads Photography. Please email John if you need to download one of the pictures)

  • Magic Media

    Did John Help the Pats Win SB51?

    Did John help them win Super Bowl 51?

    The Rhode Show

    John was invited to talk and perform on Rhode Island's own talk show sponsored by WPRI

    JDL, LG & Jimmy G

    PHOTO: Reactions from Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and Running Back LeGarrette Blount

    JDL & Tom Brady

    PHOTO: Reactions from Tom Brady, Quarterback of the New England Patriots and 5-time SB Champion​

    David Andrews & The Creepy Clown

    Matt Lengel & Santa's Cookies

    Patrick Chung & Siri

    Justin Coleman & His First Kiss

    Malcolm Mitchell & Doritos

    Marty Bennnett & Sleight of Hand

    Malcolm Butler & Cancer Awareness

    Cheerleaders & The Invisible Card

    Cheerleaders & Lipstick

    Chris Long & Adam Sandler

    Chris Hogan & Mind Reading

    Malcolm Mitchell Literacy Tour


    Valentine's Day

    The Magician Diet


    Headphones Magic


    Coffee for Life


    Florence, Italy


    Dunkin' Donuts


    Taylor Swift Magic


    Gum Anyone?


    Donut Magic


    Quick Trick


    Emmy & The King


    Rotunda at Bryant


    The "WTF" CTW


    Midnight Magic


    Philly on the 4th


    The Great Escape

  • Past Events

    John and his audience during the Enjoy Life Leadership Academy

    A reaction during one of John's Meet & Greet events



    John was invited to talk about his experiences on Boston's radio channels, Mix 104.1 and Amp 103.3

    John and Justin Willman, host of "Cupcake Wars" and creator of "Sleight of Mouth" on Comedy Central

    John and David Blaine, a magician and endurance artist best known for his feats of endurance and world records

    Malcolm Mitchell (Super Bowl 51 Champion) and John went on tour to promote youth literacy

    John Logan & Stathi Zaf performed at New York's "Next Gen Summit", a "must-attend" event for entrepreneurs by Forbes

    John and "The Fab Four", one of the best Beatles cover bands in the world



    John performed in front of Bryant University's winter rally with the president, Ronald Machtley


    Even though John's audition wasn't aired because of time constraints, he made it through four rounds and received a standing ovation

    John and Cedric Maxwell, an NBA Champion for the Boston Celtics


    John was able to perform at various events in Houston during Super Bowl 51


    John and Doug McKenzie, a magician who tours the world and is one of David Blaine's consultants

    John presenting his keynote, "The Magic Behind Success"


    John and Joe Namath, one of the greatest football players of all time

    John and Guy Fieri (TV personality, entrepreneur, and professional chef)

    John presenting his keynote, "The Magic Behind Success"


    John and Tim Tebow, a professional multi-sport athlete (football & baseball)



    John presenting his keynote, "The Magic Behind Success"




    John opened up the 3-day conference for New England Fuel Institute's EXPO



  • Advertising Portfolio

    John also has a hidden passion for multi-media and has worked on numerous projects:

    Enjoy Life Leadership Academy Program

    Creative consultant of a documentary for one of the most inspiring leadership academies in the state

    National Toyota Commercial

    John helped conceptualize the commercial and was featured on national television. Produced by EngineRoomEdit

    Woodwork @ 17th

    Creative Direction by James Kwon, Produced by Figmints Delicious Design Creative Marketing Agency & Edited by John Logan

    Behind the Guitar: The Bill Lumb Documentary

    Learn about Bill Lumb and his passion for playing music. Produced by Rand Alan Studios & Edited by John Logan

    Target Wedding
    Registry Commercial

    To promote Target's Wedding Registry, John was the Creative Director, Producer and Editor of this commercial

    Improper Bostonian:
    Boston Strong

    Produced by Shotgun Media Group & Edited by John Logan

    Study Abroad Program (Italy)

    John and 30 other students traveled to Italy and created the recruitment video for Bryant University's Study Abroad Program

    John Logan, Jake Durkin and Ed Sheeran

    Jake Durkin covers Ed Sheeran's song of

    "You Need Me, I Don't Need You"  Produced by John Logan
  • Photography


    Name the day, time & place and he will be there!
    The best way to contact John is through email: johndukelogan@gmail.com.
    You can also connect with him by clicking on the social media icons below: